The One Credit Card Everyone Should Have

Previously I talked about how important it is to use rewards credit cards. Today I wanted to share with you the best credit card I have ever found and explain why it is the card everyone should be carrying.

Unlike basically every website in the world that discusses/reviews/recommends credit cards I am not getting anything in return for this recommendation. In fact, when I was doing research for this post I found that most credit card sites don’t even mention this credit card. My only motivation for creating this post is purely to help you operate your lifestyle in a more efficient way. I have no bias what so ever when I give you this recommendation.

So what is this secret miracle cure all credit card?

The Fidelity Visa Signature Card.

My Fidelity Visa Signature Card

This card is special because it offers 2% cash back on EVERYTHING. If you are using cash or debt cards to make your purchases this is a life changing amount! You might think, oh who cares 2% is nothing, but the difference is huge. It is going to take me an entire post next week to fully explain the implications.

This card does require you to sign up for a Fidelity brokerage account to receive your cash back. This is a slight inconvenience, but only takes a one-time effort to setup and from then on you can deposit your cash back into your brokerage account and have your brokerage account transfer the cash into your normal checking account.

Another point worth mentioning is that this card does not have any annual fee. You will never have to worry about using it enough to justify its cost like other rewards cards.  The interest rate is 14.24% on purchases, but it shouldn’t matter because you will not be paying interest on the card, right?

There are other cards out there that offer higher percentages of cash back rewards (and I recommend a few of them), but none are as simple as this card. Everyone should be carrying this card as a baseline. Without having to think you can be assured you are getting 2% cash back everywhere Visa is accepted.

Let me know in the comments what tactics you typically use when it comes to credit cards.

5 thoughts on “The One Credit Card Everyone Should Have”

  1. I just got the new Costco visa and think it’s pretty incredible. Was that a card you compared in your research? If so, do you think the 2% on everything outweighs certain cards rolling 5% categories or 1/2/3/4% schemes on some cards?

    1. Hi Jeff, There are a few credit cards out there like the Costco Visa that have some clear benefits over a flat 2%. I definitely recommend using them. This card was the best one I could find that offers high consistent rewards across the board. This is the baseline card everyone should start with and then improve from there.

    2. The new Costco rewards visa has a much better deal than the previous American Express one they had.

  2. If you were talking about the American Express version with all the benefits of Amex including Amex offers I would totally agree with you. But now that fidelity switched banks and is converting all the cards to visa is not as appealing as it used to be.

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