A Bright Idea

UPDATE: Amazon is now selling flood lights for 2.50 a bulb

I’ve got a bright idea! We should all be using LED light bulbs. (Pun intended). I recently picked up a steal of a deal on amazon and bought 16 – 60 watt LED light bulbs for just under 32 dollars. At this price, I think it is outrageous that any one is still using an incandescent light bulb at all.

I’ve put together this pretty chart that shows how quickly you will be paid back in term of reduced costs on your electric bill if you replace your incandescent light bulb with an Amazon 1.99 LED light bulb. I assumed an electrical cost of 0.12 $/kWh. As you can see if you are using an incandescent bulb all the time you will be paid back your initial 1.99 investment in only 14 days.


If you are like me and had a huge stockpile of light bulb you purchased when they went on sale and think yea yea I’ll replace my incandescent bulbs when they eventually burn out.


In the time, you wait for that incandescent bulb to burn out you will spend enough in energy costs to buy 4 LED light bulbs! Fight your human tendency to loss aversion and toss them out today and upgrade!

In case you want to check the payback time on various light bulbs or you live in Hawaii and have crazy high energy costs here is link to my spreadsheet.


My link to the light bulbs on Amazon is an affiliate link. I will get paid if you purchase the light bulbs there. I am intending to setup a win-win situation, where my mission to make the world a more efficient place and your desire to save a bit of money are nicely aligned. If you can find LED light bulbs at a better value elsewhere by all means get them there.